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My name is Clyde Tellis

Like many other Mechanical Engineers, I am involved in everything but Engineering. A sales job changed my life and helped me discover my passion.

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Story of 

Clyde The Guide

It happened by Mistake!

In 2017, I landed a job as an application engineer in a company that had clients in Mines around Goa. Travelling to the offices regularly showed me a side of Goa that I never knew existed. Even the internet did not have enough information. I moved to a sales job shortly after which gave me a chance to visit the 27 industrial estates in Goa. I was seeing so much that I wanted to document my experiences. This led me to start a blog to talk about this. I have travelled close to 50,000 KM within Goa and realized that my experience could actually help travelers plan their Goa trip better.

What keeps me Going..

After I started this blog, I began researching and learning as much as I could about Goa so I would share the information with travelers. During my research, I bumped into the founder of an offbeat tourism company called Soul Travelling. 

This is where I experienced the culture, traditions, food, festivals and much more that gave me the true essence of Goa. Not only did I see places, I also learnt more about the people and the way of life. In order to help people experience what I did, we curated tours to make it more accessible to those who wanted more than just Beaches, Booze and Bikinis. That's how I picked up the skill for planning activities and things to do in Goa.

Beyond this, I am also passionate about dancing Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba. You could randomly bump into me at a Latin Dance Socials in Goa or at a Karaoke restaurant because I love singing too. My thirst for creating fun experiences and great memories also drew me towards Improv. An unscripted form of theatre that helps you exercise creativity and discover a side of you that you never knew existed.


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