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Family-Friendly Activities in Goa: Fun for All Ages

Goa with Family. Such a daunting task of planning Family activities Goa and things to do so everyone is happy while keeping your sanity in check.

Family Tour in Goa
Family on a Heritage Tour

The biggest challenges are the wide age group, kids that could get cranky and multiple interests that have to be met. One person wants adventure, another wants food, another wants to chill at the hotel room and just enjoy the pool. The confusion is intense.

The best tips I can give you if you are with family are:

  1. If you want to just chill and enjoy the beach, stay at a good beach property in South Goa. It will be expensive but you will save on transport, the beaches will be clean and you will be at peace.

  2. Plan a relaxed day in case you wish to go out. Like shopping, a river cruise, a museum visit, good restaurant or a shack and carry lots of water. Avoid long sightseeing trips as the distance between places in Goa is quite a lot. You will spend more time travelling than actually enjoying each place.

  3. Stay in North Goa if you are interested in doing various activities. The distance is much closer and the options are much more. The infrastructure is in place and you can choose based on your interest.

Family Friendly Activities:

Sailboat in Goa
Sailboat Ride in Goa

Sail Boat Ride- A nice leisure trip on a sailboat that takes you out to sea. Enjoy the water splashing on your feet as you look at the sun setting with brillian views. The trip is private and the time is flexible. I recommend sunset time as the weather will be pleasant and the view will be great. The boats are given out on hourly basis and can accommodate up to 4 people on each boat.

Cost- Rs 4500/- per hour

Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary Boat Ride
Mangrove Boat Ride

Mangrove Boat Ride- A private boat ride through the famous Dr Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary on Chorao Island. Enjoy the beautiful mangroves and the wildlife in them as you sail through the narrow creeks with a local boatman who shares interesting trivia and helps you spot birds. The timing is flexible. However, I recommend going early morning or late evening as you will see a lot more birds at the time. If the tide is right you even spot some crocodiles. The boat can accommodate up to 12 people.

Cost- Rs 5000/- per hour

Family Dinner Cruise
Dinner Cruise in Goa

Dinner Cruise- A budget option to experience a party on a Boat while sailing on River Mandovi. These trips begin at 8:30pm in the evening with dinner, drinks and entertainment. The thrill of this trip is enjoying the company of other families and the fun entertainment as you enjoy the beautiful views of the casinos and Panjim city illuminated at night. I suggest you go on a big boat as the experience is better. A smaller boat will have less crowd but the height of the boat will be much lower.

Cost Rs 1500/- per person (10+ Years)

Rs 1300/- per person (5-9 Years)

Below 5 no charge

Mandovi River Cruise
Sunset Cruise

Sunset Cruise- A short shared cruise on River Mandovi that includes DJ with music and live Goan folk dance performances. These trips are for one hour and are at sunset time. When you have a big group with limited time at hand this is a decent option to experience. Snacks and drinks can be purchased from the bar if you would like any.

Cost- Rs 500/- per person (3+ Years)

Latin Quarter Walk
Walking Trail in Panjim

Walking Trails- There are a number of walking trails in different parts of Goa that are majorly focused on heritage and local culture. I highly recommend a walking tour as it opens up your eyes to new perspectives and you interact with the locals better. The most popular walks are in Panjim and Old Goa. The groups are usually between 5-15 people at a time with a local storyteller. There are several companies that do the tours, contact TOP GOA TOURS to help you choose the best.

Cost- Rs 850-1500 per person.

Riverside Picnic Goa
Riverside Picnic

Riverside Picnics- When you are a group that wants to have a leisure day out relaxing in the hinterlands of Goa with amazing Goan Food, local feni and a chance to swim in a local stream, this is a fantastic option for you. The location is lesser known of, secret to the public and gives you a secluded experience. The experience is great when you are a group of 8-25 people and is good for all ages.

Cost- Rs 2500 per person (Approx with Transport)

Figueiredo Portuguese House
Lunch in a Portuguese Mansion

Lunch Experiences- Goa has been influenced by a number of different cultures over the past which gives you a chance to have an opportunity to experience it through the food. It can be a seated meal at a Portuguese Mansion, a serene backyard lunch or even a seated setup where your table is in the middle of the water. The menu is personalized as per your food restrictions so everyone is taken care of.

Cost- Rs 3000 per person (Approx)

Yachts Goa
Yacht Hire in Goa

Yacht/Boat Hire- A great option if you love the water. These vessels are available on hire throughout the day although people choose to sail at sunset more. The trip is customized with food and alcohol as per your requirement and the boats are given only privately. It is an experience you must go for if you have the budget when you are with family in Goa. The yachts start from 8 capacity and go on upto 22. Bigger groups can hire a catamaran that can easily accommodate around a 100 people. Contact TOP GOA TOURS to help you with this private trip.

Cost- Starts from 10000/- per hour

Options for Kids- Sometimes, nothing is going to please your kids unless you take them to something meant only for kids. This is when you can explore going to Snow World, Thunder World Goa, Bubble Gum Goa, Maza Parkour, Go Carting, Splashdown or Froggyland Waterpark, The ticket prices are per head and some of them are per activity. Options like these aren't unique to Goa as they are present at various other cities too so you can visit them only when on long vacations to Goa and you have the time to dedicate a day or two just for your kids.

Feel free to reach out to me if you'd like me to help you plan your family trip. Click Here

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