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3 Offbeat Things to do in South Goa

Stuck in the South and wondering what to do? I can totally understand the feeling of being confined to your resort and wanting to go explore Goa. Discover secret spots, take your loved one to a romantic location or even maybe go on a long ride and see something interesting. Doing something memorable and returning with unique exciting stories is what I love doing with every spot I travel. Since Goa has earned its place in the top destinations in India because of the beaches, you will easily find a lot of information on them on the internet. The boom of Vloggers on youtube give you enough and more to make a plan for yourself. Then there are places that are overlooked because of insufficient info and secondly because beaches are a better bet as they are so easily accessible.

white egret in goa
White Egret in a Green Farmland

Being a local I've had the privilege of exploring beyond the beaches. Places that promise a long ride through beautiful natural terrain that gives you a connect with nature that no beach can. South Goa has several little secrets like these and I would like to start with the most common. You could cover these spots in one day if you leave early in the morning and intend to be back a little after dark.

Savari waterfall-

Nestled in the Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary this waterfall is easily accessible by road followed by a little trek to the actual waterfall. It's refreshing to visit this spot. Although it is perennial, it would be best to visit post the monsoons to enjoy the gentle stream with optimum level of water.

Netravali Bubbling Pond-

One of the strangest phenomenon in Goa. This little pond is a few kilometers from the Savari Waterfall and lies just before you enter the wildlife sanctuary. It is something you must witness. The bubbles will excite you no matter what age you are. Visit anytime during the day to see the bubbles pop.

Salaulim Dam and Garden-

Walk on the top of the dam in the evening ideally to feel the cool breeze blow on your face. Anytime between 4-5pm is ideal as the place will close post 6:30 PM. Be amazed by the massive structure that man is capable of. Visit the garden after the dam and then make your way back post sunset.

These locations are all available on the map. GPS will get you there close enough to then ask the locals for the precise location. The cellphone reception gets pretty bad in between so I suggest you study the route and names of the villages before you set off just to avoid getting lost. Check out my posts on Savari, Bubbling Pond, Salaulim Dam for more information if you're curious on what to expect.



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