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A Mystery Spring beside the hub of Manufacturing

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

The weather in Goa in general is quite pleasant. Although the humidity is high, the air and cool breeze adds on to the relaxation as you sip on the cool beer. There are a few months in the summer and a few weeks after the monsoons end where the heat is not enjoyable. Travelling during this period drains up your energy leaving you exhausted.

One such spot to beat the heat is The Kesarval spring. Very easy to reach and the walk to the spring is just a few minutes. The Goa Tourism board has developed the place and have built stairs for easy access.

Kesarval Spring
Stairs leading to the Spring

Kesarval Spring Goa
First View of the waterfall

As you climb down the stairs you can observe the transformation from the heat to a cool dense jungle around.Believed to have medicinal properties, it is refreshing to have a dip and sit under the waterfall.

Kesarval Spring Goa
Kesarval Spring Waterfall

Kesarval Spring Goa
The Stream leading the water out

About a decade ago, this spot was one of the most popular spot where parents took their children for an outing during the summer. Water ran throughout the year and was cold no matter which month.Over the years, the spring has become seasonal and reduces to a trickle around December. The area gets dry and loses the green essence as the summer approaches. The locals say that due to the increase in the number of industries nearby, the groundwater level has dropped. Verna industrial area is the biggest in Goa and starts just about 1Km away from this spot. That is why the water flows abundantly only around the monsoons.

Kesarval Spring Goa
Dense Jungle just beside dense Industries

I recommend visiting this spot around August up to early November to experience the contrast between the heat of the day and the cool water from the spring. Ideally one could spend around an hour or two after which it gets boring. It's peaceful to even just sit on the stairs and enjoy the sound of the waterfall in the quiet atmosphere.



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