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Independance day at Netravali Waterfall (Savari)

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

When the word Monsoon is uttered what comes to your mind? Rain? Thunder and lightning? The feeling of being cozy and lazy with a view that is hazy? We all have our own perception. To me monsoons means adventure as all the waterfalls have been resurrected and rejuvenated. The Netravali Wildlife sanctuary is home to a handful of waterfalls that make the journey worth it. The two most popular ones are Mainapi and Savari (Neturlim). For this trip I went along with who has featured me in his video. This was our way of celebrating Independence Day..

As you enter the main gate of the wildlife sanctuary, there is an entry fee charged per person, vehicle and camera equipment. The officers provide you with a bill of the ticket too. What I observed is that once you enter the main gate, there will not be any bag checking or vehicle checking. So this is the only barrier to cross. You could use this to your advantage.

Ticket at netravali wildlife sanctuary
Ticket issued during entry

Plastic and littering of waste is highly discouraged in the sanctuary. If caught in the act you might be fined for the offense. Take care to eat and drink your packaged food outside, before you set on this adventure. Increase in tourists is directly proportional to the increase in garbage. Do your part to prevent damage to this beautiful green environment.

scenic Path to trek on the way to savari waterfall
Scenic View on the way to the Waterfall

There are 2 ways by which you could reach the falls.

One of the paths is a longer trek where you will have go cross rivulets and trees which would take you about 2 hours to get there. This path is inaccessible during the monsoons as the streams of water are strong and the currents could wash you away.The other is much easier and takes just about 20 minutes by foot. The path is broad and clear. There are stairs that lead down to the base of the waterfall. This route goes through the forest gate of the wildlife sanctuary where they charge you a small entrance fee. We took this path.

Path to trek to savari waterfall in south Goa
Easier Path that leads to the Waterfall

Savari waterfall from the top
First View of the Falls about 300 steps away

Savari waterfall is perennial and also is a water source for wildlife in the sanctuary throughout the year. The flow is at its peak which gives a majestic natural display leaving one in awe. The water gushing and splattering as it pounds the rocks below was a sight one can only see to believe. The sound was relaxing and soothing to the ear. In addition, the little specks of cool mist blowing on your face enhances the meditative experience.

Savari waterfall bottom view
Savari Waterfall

Savari waterfall bottom view
Stream Flowing out of the Waterfall

The Stream of water flowing out from the gushing waterfall is cool and refreshing to the touch. One can lie down and enjoy the water flowing over and around. The water level of the steam is not more than 2 feet at the deepest point. It is safe to enter provided you have a fairly strong grip with the rocks. The flowing water and the slippery floor could make you one with Savari and give you an experience of a fall. So be Careful!

Mist in the air at the bottom of Savari waterfall
Misty atmosphere formed due to the water thrashing on to the rocks.

Ideal for any sort of groups. Be it family, friends, couples or even for a solo Traveler this spot is safe and exciting. The 20 minute trek requires an average fitness level. The climb up the stairs is similar to climbing up a 7 storey building so it could get tiring if you're not used to it. I recommend spending a whole day to visit Savari as it would involve a lovely green drive, brief trek, beautiful waterfall and a little jungle experience. You will not be disappointed.



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