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"Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Restaurants and Food Joints in Goa: A Category-Wise Breakdown"

Updated: Jun 19

You can come visit Goa 3 times a year for the next 10 years and still have a number of new restaurants to try and explore. Many of my friends who live in the metros have a dream of starting a restaurant or a cafe and everyone wants to do it in Goa.

It is amazing to live in Goa because you have a number of options to explore and experiment every weekend. Right from celebrity chefs who have come down to showcase their creations in a fancy setting to local home chefs who create a warm and cozy atmosphere to enjoy a home-cooked meal, Goa has it all. Especially in North Goa where all the fancy villas and bungalows are coming up that are available for hire.

Korean Cream Cheese bun in Goa
Korean Cream Cheese bun at Miradouro, Panjim

When I spoke to Jade, a popular food blogger in Goa and asked her how should someone explore the food scene in Goa? She says "I advise foodie travelers to try a bit of everything - Goan food, street food, some fine dining, some beach shacks, bakeries, sundowner spots, go on a food trail or bar hop. Where they should go depends on their preferences, budget, location. There's no fixed list of places I would recommend to everyone because Goa has so many options and what one person likes another may not like."

One of the main difficulties faced by travelers is the rapid turnover of restaurants, often closing due to low business. This can prevent you from fully experiencing and exploring different cuisines. Additionally, with so many options to choose from, deciding where to go and what to try can be challenging. To help with this dilemma, I have compiled a list of restaurants and destinations tailored to various preferences and experiences.

Bars in Goa
Bar at Praca Prazeres

Asian/Pan Asian- These are places where you can get good sushi, ramen bowls, noodles and hot soups. Not Indian Chinese but asian food with authentic inspiration.

  1. Yaki zushi, Sangolda

  2. Sakana, Vagator

  3. Sake, Assagao

  4. Tataki, Panjim

  5. Makutsu, Panjim

  6. Shiori, Siolim

  7. Vietnom, Assagao

  8. Banyan Tree Thai Restaurant, Candolim

  9. Sopo, Assagao

  10. Tamari, Panjim

  11. Izumi, Assagao

  12. Mama Miso, Arossim

  13. Roboto, Vagator

  14. Korea, Verna

Italian- Great spots for Pizzas, Pastas, Risottos etc. Some of them are owned and run by italian natives which makes it as authentic as it can get.

  1. Goodfellas, Benaulim

  2. Da Titas, Majorda

  3. Lunas Ristorante, Anjuna

  4. Sicilly, Anjuna

  5. Diavola, Anjuna

  6. Ciao Bella, Assagao

  7. Casanoni Trattoria, Panjim


  1. Pings Bia Hoi, Sangolda

  2. Vietnom, Assagao

North Indian Food- These are on the higher price point with a decent ambience and a clean vibe.

  1. Angry Sardar, Anjuna

  2. Jamun, Assagao

  3. Bawrie, Assagao

South Indian- Expect the typical Veg South indian masalas, Vegetarian snacks, Dosas, and good Chutneys

  1. Cafe Bangalore, Panjim

  2. Urban Anna, Porvorim

  3. Big Dosa, Anjuna

  4. Saudaghar, Vagator

  5. Gunpowder, Assagao

Kerala Food- For good authentic Kerala Cuisine with Beef, coconut curries, appams, Porotas and stews.

  1. Mallu Republic, Panjim

  2. Porota Cafe, Anjuna

  3. Chakos Kitchen, Panjim

Tamil Food- For great plate meals with rasam, chutneys and vegetarian food.

  1. Tamil Table, Assagao

  2. Sappadu, Assagao

Telegu Food- Trails of Taste, Anjuna

North Eastern Food- Pork, Beef, Chicken with a whole different level of spices.

  1. Soul Chef, Panjim

  2. Big Chilli, Porvorim

French - Mademoiselle, Assagao

Unique food in goa
Interesting Japanese Dish at Momoka Panjim

Burgers - For classic Burgers, fries, different kinds of patties, filings and dips.

  1. Burger Factory, Panjim, Anjuna, Morjim

  2. There, Canca Verla

  3. Rocomamas, Calangute

  4. NickyMS, Calangute

  5. The Burger House, Mapusa

  6. Labasa Goa, Chinchinim

  7. AJs, Fatorda

  8. Imbisswagon, Vagator

Steaks- They take care of your steak just the way you would like it.

  1. Low and Slow, Agassaim

  2. Prime Rose, Sangolda

  3. There, Canca Verla

  4. Peppers, Margao

  5. Cuebebar, Assagao

  6. Dandey's Grill

Fusion- A variety of common as well as not so common ingredients that are packaged in a unique manner to Experience

  1. Black Sheep Bistro, Panjim and Aguad

  2. Lemon Chilli, Porvorim

  3. Tertulia, Panjim

  4. The Second House, Saligao

  5. Miri, Miramar

  6. Maai, assagao

Mexican- Tacos, Burritos, Salads and sauces to pack a mexican punch.

  1. Frida Cantina, Panjim

  2. Locura, Anjuna

  3. Miss Margarita, Vagator

  4. Mexicola, Anjuna

Open air restaurant in Goa
Open Air Italian Restaurant in Anjuna

Ambiance and Aesthetics- This is for instagram. Everything from the food, interiors and view.

  1. Noah, Vagator

  2. Elrow, Calangute

  3. Birch, Arpora

  4. Kaia, Ashwem

  5. Mayan, Anjuna

  6. Dubki, Vagator

  7. Southern Deck, Benaulim

  8. Ziki, Anjuna

Fine Dine- High end places with excellent service, quality and interesting food.

  1. Hosa, Siolim

  2. Jasons White Plate, Candolim

  3. Cavatina, Varca

  4. Fireback, Siolim

Best Dessert in Goa
Mango Dessert at Momoka

Cafes- For Coffee, bakes good and to chill with your buddies. You can also visit for quick meetings.

  1. Mojigao, Assagao

  2. Beno, Benaulim

  3. Eva Cafe, Anjuna

  4. Prana, Anjuna

  5. Jardin de ulsey, Morjim

  6. Kahvi, Saligao

  7. Goldspot, Panjim

  8. Hideaway, Anjuna

Bars- Great for drinks, tasty bites, vibe to socialize and tiny spaces.

  1. Peters Tavern, Socorro

  2. Cajys Bar, Arpora

  3. Antonio 31, Panjim

  4. Miski Bar, Panjim

  5. Joseph Bar, Panjim

  6. P2s, Socorro

  7. Petisco, Panjim

  8. Outpost, Panjim

  9. MTW, Panjim

  10. Barfly, Assagao

  11. Feli, Benaulim

  12. Felix, Vagator

  13. Folga, Margao

  14. Mafia Cocktail, Saipem

  15. The Shed, Anjuna

  16. Barzilla, Porvorim

  17. Moto Cafe, Chapora,

  18. Guru Bar, Vagator

Live Music Spaces-

  1. Cohiba, Sinquerim

  2. DTR, Panjim

Social Spaces- Places to meet people over events, meetups and food.

  1. Anti Social Goa, Morjim

  2. P2, Socorro

  3. Uncle Tims, Porvorim

  4. Peters Tavern, Socorro

  5. MTW, Panjim

Veg Steak in Goa
Paneer Steak at Debee, Calangute

Brunch Spaces- For a hearty buffet to pig out on

  1. Lollorosso, Anjuna

  2. The Market Westin, Anjuna

  3. Miri St Regis, Mobor

  4. Hyatt Centric, Candolim

  5. Grand Hyatt, Bambolim

  6. Goa Mariott, Miramar

  7. Hilton Goa, Saipem

Goan Food- To try the real authentic Goan Cuisine

  1. Kismoor, Sangolda

  2. Chef Peters Kitchen, Pilerne

  3. Lazy Gooze, Nerul

  4. Calamari, Candolim

  5. 7 Short 1 Long, Moira

  6. Gharan, Porvorim

  7. Avos Kitchen, Assagao

  8. Mum's Kitchen, Panjim

Goan Breakfast- The staple breakfast of most Goans. Pure Veg

  1. Cafe Tato,

  2. Cafe Bhosle

  3. Cafe Real

Shacks with Good Food- Go for the food. Also if you wanna dine by the beach, this is for you.

  1. Palm and Sands, Candolim

  2. St Anthonys, Baga

  3. Brittos, Baga

  4. Johncys, Benaulim

  5. Rogers Benaulim

  6. Copa Cabana by Debee, Calangute

  7. Snoopys Bar and Restaurant, Agonda

Restaurants with a view- Of the sea or river or being on a cliff.

  1. Bay 15, Dona Paula

  2. Sea Pebble, Dona Paula

  3. Purple Martini, Vagator

  4. Pisco by the Beach, Anjuna

  5. The Piere, Vasco

  6. Uddo Beach Shack, Siolim

  7. Aviary Goa, Anjuna

  8. Anti Social Goa, Morjim

Breakfast- Sandwiches, coffee, smoothie bowls, salads, baked goods.

  1. Padaria Prazeres, Panjim

  2. Nanbai, Panjim

  3. Mojigao, Assagao

  4. Greenr, Panjim

  5. Cafe Bangalore, Panjim

  6. Aunty Maria, Panjim

  7. Caravela Cafe, Panjim, Candolim

  8. Cafe Bodega, Panjim

  9. Bean me up, Vagator

Work Space- To grab a nice cup of coffee, good food and a quiet vibe. Perfect to work out of.

  1. Bloom and Brew, Assagao

  2. Mojigao, Assagao

  3. Mos Cafe, Panjim

  4. Baba Aurum Panjim,

  5. Cafe Rasa, Panjim

  6. Casa Jeri, Porvorim

  7. Miradouro, Panjim

  8. Mona's, Porvorim

Entertainment- with performers like fire artists, Russian dancers and Belly dancers

  1. Ohlala, Arpora

  2. Thalassa, Siolim

  3. Club Tito's

Mediterranean- For hummus, falafel, cutlets, kebabs, pita bread and grilled meats.

  1. Schandys, Miramar

  2. Mezmiz, Sangolda

  3. Kefi, Anjuna

  4. Dennis Falafel, Arambol

Vegan- No explaination needed. You will get food that suits your requirement

  1. Bean me up, Vagator

  2. Greenr, Panjim

  3. Eva Cafe, Anjuna

  4. Prana Cafe, Anjuna

  5. Kaizen, Panjim

  6. Okapi, Aldona

Baked Goods- Breads, Puff pastries, croissants, cookies, sweets and cakes

  1. Padaria Prazeres, Panjim

  2. Larder and Folk, Panjim

  3. Artjuna, Anjuna

  4. Nanbai, Panjim

  5. Momoka, Panjim

Best Sandwich in goa
Sandwich in Goa

Coffee Shops- For the best coffee with interesting combinations

  1. Cafe Caravela, Panjim, Candolim

  2. Mos, Panjim

  3. Ruby's Coffee, Candolim

  4. Nanbai Bakery, Panjim

  5. Mona's, Porvorim

  6. Cremchoc, Panjim

Biryani- Finding good biryani in Goa is difficult but here are some to take care of your cravings.

  1. Niyaz, Porvorim

  2. Karims, Anjuna

  3. Biryani by Kilo, Panjim

Sandwiches- For a simple yet delicious sandwich without the drama

  1. Poi Re, Panjim

  2. Simonias Bakery, Porvorim

  3. Larder and Folk, Panjim

  4. German Bakery, Candolim

  5. Nanbai, Panjim

  6. Te fitti, Panjim

Sandwich in goa
Poi Sandwich at Poi Re, Panjim

Street Carts/Trucks- For local and classic street food

  1. Gopal Ros Omelet, Near Inox Circle

  2. Ullhas Gado, Margao

  3. Noronhas Corner, Anjuna

  4. Carreys Food Truck, Majorda

  5. Alankar Theater, Mapusa

  6. Costas, Santa Cruz

  7. Heavenly crust, Porvorim

The list above has been selected based on my experience dining in Goa and trying out most of the food myself. I will keep updating this list so it will include more beautiful gems in Goa that you might want to try when you visit.

If you want a specially curated tour, do write to me at for something specialized to your taste. Make the most of your trip to Goa!



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